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Imagine you’re going about your day when you get a text from your boss. They need you to buy some gift cards for clients. This is a high priority, and they need the card details urgently. Would this kind of request make you pause? Would you quickly do as asked? Or would you think this was suspicious?

This week we’re offering up the following tips to help you avoid being a victim of scams like these.

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- Always Double Check Unusual Requests - Despite what a message might say about being unreachable, check in person or by phone anyhow. Contact the person through other means to make sure it's legitimate.

- Don’t React Emotionally - Scammers often try to get victims to act before they have time to think.

- Don’t react immediately. Instead stop to ask yourself if the request is out of the ordinary or suspicious.

- Get a Second Opinion - Ask a colleague, or better yet, your organization’s IT, to take look at the message.

Do you need help combatting scams like this gift card scam? Give the Digital Investigative Group a call at (866) 293-2344.


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