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The Digital Investigative Group, better known as the DIG, is a Montana-based managed cybersecurity provider.

Our team is made up of experienced, certified professionals with hands-on cyber experience. Together we have earned more than 20 cybersecurity-focused certifications. Our combined experience covers many different facets of cybersecurity including Security Operations, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Assessment of Risk, Policy Development, Security Training, Systems, Networks, and Compliance auditing.

We've used that knowledge and experience to develop a security program with the tools and processes that make world-class cybersecurity accessible to your organization. The DIG isn't just another tool a vendor sets up in your IT environment and walks away from. With the DIG, you get both the technology and the knowledgeable people behind the scenes supporting you.

Why choose THE DIG?

Exceptional Customer Service

We have been an IT client and know how frustrating it is to be treated like a paycheck rather than a partner. The level of service we provide is above and beyond other providers. If you contact us, we will reach out within 24 hours. When we make a promise, we keep it.  

Montana Based

We are a Montana-owned business based in Helena with an office in Billings. Unlike out-of-state providers, Montana is our top priority. We care about what happens here and strive to make our communities both cyber aware and cyber secure. 

Experienced and Certified Team

The DIG team is experienced in cybersecurity and IT. In addition to our years of cybersecurity experience, all team members have multiple certifications, including GIAC, Certified Ethical Hacker, Microsoft Certified Professionals, Project Management Professional, ISC2, and more. 

Latest Security Tools

The DIG team utilizes the latest security technology to protect you. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, as are the tools to battle the attacks. We purchase, maintain, and upgrade at the speed of technology to better protect you. Our budget takes the hit when technology changes and you get the most advanced tools out there. 


The DIG is here for your security journey. The DIG works with you to access your needs, make a plan, and implement solutions. We're here for the long term, with you every step of the way.

What our clients say

DIS Technologies Logo

          As a managed services provider (MSP), we are entrusted with the 24x7 management of our client’s networks. The security of those networks is always top-of-mind as cybercriminals worldwide are constantly looking for their next victim. Being in Montana does not make us any less of a target. We have to maintain the same cyber-vigilance as any MSP, anywhere in the world. We are fortunate to have the Digital Investigative Group right here in Montana; world-class talent in our own backyard. We have been very impressed with the skills of the DIG engineers and are confident in their ability to help keep us safe from cybercriminals. I highly recommend the Digital Investigative Group.


Gary Habel,

President of DIS Technologies​

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