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DIG this week's cyber tip

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

DIG this Cyber Tip - Montana Cybersecurity
DIG this Cyber Tip
  • DIS and DIG clients are protected from Log4J and BLISTER vulnerabilities.

  • The DIG's automated security tools constantly scan and block known vulnerabilities.

When the Log4J cybersecurity vulnerability was announced earlier this month, the DIG's security tools were instantly at work scanning DIS's and the DIG's clients to identify impacted systems. A security patch was introduced within hours to recognize and alert if Log4j indicators were ever found on our client's devices or networks.

Managing threats and vulnerabilities is a cyclical process we have automated. First, a vulnerability or threat is identified, then our security tools scan systems to determine if there is any impact. Once a vulnerability or threat is known, we automatically block it. However, there are always new ways for threat actors to exploit software and systems.

LOG4J on a computer screen

Cybersecurity researchers have identified yet another severe vulnerability in the last few days that we have automatically blocked. This time it is a new stealthy malware campaign that uses valid code-signing certificates to evade detection. A malware loader named BLISTER is then utilized to execute payloads in-memory and maintain persistence. Like we did for the Log4j vulnerability, the DIG has scanned our clients and blocked BLISTER.

Our automated tools are always on and always protecting you from whatever new attack may crop up.


Contact us to find out more about the DIG's security automated security tools.

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