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DIG this week's cyber tip

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

DIG this Cyber Tip - Montana Cybersecurity
DIG this Cyber Tip

The National Cybersecurity Alliance celebrates Data Privacy Week January 24-28 this year. Data Privacy Week aims to inspire dialogue and empower both individuals and organizations to take action to protect their data. The National Cybersecurity Alliance provides information and resources to help you and your organization stay safe online. In brief, they recommend the following:

FOR INDIVIDUALS: KEEP IT PRIVATE- Every action you take online generates data. Start by understanding the tradeoff between convenience and keeping your information private. Before granting access to an app or business, consider if the benefits you are receiving are worth it. When creating new accounts, check the privacy and security settings to align them with your privacy goals.

Data Privacy Week - Montana Cybersecurity
Data Privacy Week

FOR ORGANIZATIONS: RESPECT PRIVACY- Follow reasonable security measures to keep your organization and employees safe from misuse and unauthorized access. Adopt a privacy framework to help your organization manage risk and protect the data your organization has been entrusted with.

To learn more about becoming a Data Privacy Week Champion and to receive a toolkit of materials about protecting data privacy, visit their website at


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