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DIG this week's security tip

Give the gift of cybersecurity this year

If you have recently replaced your mobile device, you may not realize just how much personal data may be left on your old one.

Before disposing of your device you need to securely wipe if of your data. To be sure your device is okay to dispose of by following our five-step process. If your device was issued to you by work, check with your supervisor before proceeding.

Text of best practices to set up new device. Blue Bow

  1. Back up the content, you want to keep by moving it to the Cloud or to another storage medium. Once you reset the device, your information is very difficult to recover.

  2. Change all passwords and security locks.

  3. Next, remove any removable storage including the SIM and memory cards. Some older devices may have internal storage as well.

  4. Check one last time to ensure you have preserved the information you want to keep, and that personal data is gone. Leaving personal data on your old device may expose you to security and privacy risks.

  5. Lastly, perform a factory reset.

If you would like to learn more about how our proactive security can protect your organization, contact us.


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