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Cybersecurity Attack Trends in 2023 - Attacks on 5G Devices

The new year is here and maybe you have started to make your New Year’s resolutions. This year when planning your resolutions, include one to increase your cyber resiliency by keeping up to date with new cyberattack trend types. Throughout the month of January, we’ll be providing tips about the cybersecurity attack trends predicted for 2023.

This week we start with attacks against 5G. 5G is a new global wireless standard that enables a new kind of network designed to virtually connect machines, objects, and devices. It enables you to have more smart devices reliably connecting and interacting with online services. Long story short, 5G provides a faster, better connection with more capacity than before.

As providers build out the infrastructure, you can expect this to be a high-attack area. Anytime you have a new technology like this, it is bound to have vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. Though mobile technology like 5G is often slow to debut in Montana, one can prepare by asking about the type of firmware security when purchasing 5G-enabled devices.

Have a happy, secure New Year and if you need assistance with your cyber needs or have questions, contact the DIG.

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