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Ransomware is malware designed to deny a user or organization access to files on their computer. Cyber attackers install ransomware on organizations’ files and then demand a ransom in exchange for unlocking the files. Cyber attackers often threaten to sell or leak private data if the ransom is not paid. In recent years, ransomware incidents have become increasingly prevalent.


The Ransomware Game ( is an interactive online tool created by the Financial Times that simulates a ransomware attack on a fictional organization. The game starts with an email from a hacker who has gained access to the organization’s network and demands a ransom to unlock the files. The player assumes the role of the organization's CEO and must make decisions on how to respond.

Throughout the game, the player is presented with multiple scenarios, such as whether to pay the ransom or not, and how to communicate with employees and customers. Each decision made by the player affects the outcome of the game.

We hope you check out the Ransomware Game to learn more about ransomware attacks and how to prevent them. It provides a safe environment to test decision-making skills and educate you on the consequences of ransomware attacks.

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