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Internet of Things

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

IOT on puzzle piece - Montana Cybersecurity
Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) or sometimes called smart devices, are any object or device that is connected to the internet. The list of "things" that can send and receive data is quickly expanding but can include cars, appliances, watches, lighting, speakers, cameras, home assistants, and more.

These internet connected devices provide a new level of convenience to our lives but they enable more personal information sharing than ever before. In addition, the security of these devices is not guaranteed. Once the device connects to the internet, it can potentially be vulnerable to all manner of risks.

The DIG Team suggests the following when using IoT devices:

  • Change the default factory password. Follow NIST Guidance and use the longest password or passphrase allowed. Use a password manager if you have trouble keeping track of your passwords.

  • Keep tabs on what apps you use and what permissions they have on your devices. Only download apps from trusted vendors and sources. If a request for access does not make sense (such as a request by a game for camera access), say no or don't download the app.

  • Always keep devices' software updated to protect yourself from known vulnerabilities.

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