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Safer Online Shopping

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Tips to protect you when shopping online - Montana Cybersecurity
DIG this Cyber Tip

The holidays should be a time of joy as you celebrate, feast, and enjoy time with friends and family. It is not a time to stress out as you untangle a case of identity theft or financial fraud.

When you shop online during the 2021 holiday season malicious actors are poised to take advantage. The team at the Digital Investigative Group (DIG) advises following the tips below for safer online shopping:

  1. Routinely check your credit and debit card statements for fraudulent activity. Report any fraudulent charges as soon as possible.

  2. Be suspicious of emails to avoid phishing scams targeting shoppers.

  3. Share personal information cautiously when purchasing or signing up for online services.

  4. Use official websites instead of clicking on links on social media or in emails.

  5. Scammers often use social media or email marketing to trick people to purchase non-existent products. Before providing payment details, ensure they are legitimate.

The DIG is a Montana-based team of experienced, certified cybersecurity professionals. We secure your IT resources and data by providing a comprehensive and customizable set of managed cybersecurity services.

Stay safe online and contact us for information about securing your organization.

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