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Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation
DIG Staff Augmentation

Most IT departments are not experienced and staffed to manage an entire security program. If you cannot afford to increase your payroll for a whole in-house cybersecurity team, augmenting your staff is a realistic option. We are available on-demand and as-needed with our professional team to step in when you need us most. 

The DIG offers the following security staff augmentation services:  
  • Cybersecurity consultants are available when you need them.

  • Cybersecurity architecture and engineering expertise.

  • Cybersecurity Project Management manages projects from start to finish, alleviating resource constraints.

  • Security strategy assistance to support you to make wise investments at the right time.

  • Audit preparation and support.

  • Security assessments of systems, software, and hardware.

  • Technical writers expertly distill technical information from your staff and translate it into reports, network diagrams, disclosures, policies, and instruction manuals. 

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