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Updated: Apr 6

Earlier this week I received a spam text, from my own phone number. Unlike other spam texts I receive, I didn't report or block this one because it came from my own number.

Multiple Verizon customers have reported receiving similar messages this week, and Verizon is actively working to block these messages and stop the source of this fraudulent activity.

Until the issue is resolved, Verizon has urged against clicking on the link, saying the best response is to delete the text entirely.

As a general practice, if you suspect a text is spam,

  1. Don’t click on any links.

  2. Filter and block the messages on your phone. The process varies depending on your phone type and instructions are available online.

  3. Block calls and messages through your wireless provider. Contact your provider to learn more.

  4. Report messages to the Federal Trade Commission at ReportFraud.ftc.gov or by forwarding a copy of the message to 7726 (SPAM).

As always, if you have any questions about protecting your organization or to learn more about the DIG's cybersecurity services, contact us.


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